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Independent travel to reformation sites Eisleben, Erfurt, Wittenberg September 2017

Can someone speak to whether organized tours to reformation sites will make independent visits by a couple to them difficult, long lines, etc?

Posted by rankster
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I don't think there are a lot of tours yet. I'll be traveling to Wittenberg Lutherstadt with a friend in September as well, but couldn't find any mid week, day tours (at least for the two days I had available to go). Also I was searching for tours from Berlin. In the end, my friend and I just bought round trip train tickets from Deutsch Bahn from Berlin to Wittenberg. We'll just make our way on our own and see what happens. We're hoping since the true Anniversary is in October, we'll miss most of the lines.

Posted by hwrncde1 OP
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Thanks Lisa. Unless I hear otherwise, that's our plan. I may try to find tourist offices for the towns to get their input.

Posted by Bonnie
West Grove, PA
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If you can arrange your travels to include Eisenach, it is very worthwhile. Not only was Luther there as a schoolboy, but the Wartburg fortress is on the hill at the edge of town: you can tour it and see Luther's room where he stayed after being "captured" and sequestered for his own protection on the way back from the Diet of Worms. It is where he completed the translation of the New Testament into German. Also in Eisenach is the added bonus of the Bachhaus where Johannes was born--well worth a visit, too.

Posted by hwrncde1 OP
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Thank you, Bonnie,
We plan to go to Eisenach and see Wartburg Castle, the Luther Haus and if time permits the Bach Haus. There seems to be so much to see & do in this area, I hope we can work it all into the 1 and1/2-2 days we will have there before moving on to Wittenberg.

Posted by grizzlybearmom1
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Wartburg Castle was also the inspiration for the lyrical poem partial and neuschwanstein. it even has 19th century furnishings and no one speeds you through. they have a nice restaurant as well. it also held John hus of the hutterites. sadly he died for his faith. I'm train8ng there from erfurt and nurmberg. I'm also visiting leipzig. wittenberg and berlin to see Luther. nazi and east Germany sites.

Posted by hwrncde1 OP
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Thank you grizzly bear mom1. Thanks for the info re Jan Huss and Wartburg Castle. I've been trying to find what sites in Prague are associated with him.