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If looking for a great tour guide in Turkey.....

This is the time when many of us plan our holidays for the year. Last year I realised a long-held ambition to visit Turkey for the first time. I thought I’d share with you a little information about someone who helped make my visit a great success….a wonderful tour guide based in Istanbul.

I had a five-day tour of Istanbul and Edirne with Suzan Kahraman last September. I have to say that Suzan is one of the best tour guides I have ever come across. The experience was excellent in every way. A comprehensive program focused on my areas of interest was prepared and communication was very easy throughout. In person Suzan provided lots of information about the wonderful historic attractions in Istanbul and across everything we did the time just flew by. I would strongly recommend, if you can, taking a day trip outside of Istanbul as it gives a different view of Turkey – in my case, given that I love history, Edirne was a perfect choice. Suzan also gently challenged me to try more Turkish food and new experiences which is also a very positive attribute. I really couldn’t recommend her highly enough both as an excellent tour guide and a great person to spend time with.

Suzan’s email address is [email protected].


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