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High Praise for tours of Mont St. Michel and D-Day sites with Overlord Tours

In 2019 we were 1 week out from getting on the plane to France when Covid hit. We had booked with Overlord Tours and once air travel was halted, they immediately refunded our money. This did not happen with all of the vendors we had scheduled, so I think it's worth mentioning.

We finally made the trip this month and were more than happy to rebook with them.

We used Overlord for 2 tours on back to back days August 2022. Our guide was Pierre on both tours. He was fantastic. The first tour was to Mont St. Michel. He picked us up at our hotel in Bayeux and was an engaging tour guide from the start. He wanted to know what we wanted to see, about us and built off of that. We quickly realized that he had a lot to share about so much history that was all around us. It made it easy to be on a tour and not have to fight to get the guide engaged.
Mont St. Michel is a tourist destination (on par with maybe Universal Studios) 1000's of people. Pierre helped get us on the trams with a bathroom break and then gave us history at every turn. I would advise folks if you are not in decent shape and are really comfortable with massive tight packed crowds - MSM may not be for you. Our guide got us up to the top, through the endless rooms and back out again. We were there on what he described as a not so busy day, and the tram line back to the van was still a few hours wait. So we walked the 2 miles. If you visit MSM understand that there is a lot of distance to cover, meals may be difficult (especially for more than 2-3 in group). The day we were there the sandwich shops had all sold out buy 1pm. Pack snacks and water if needed.

The next day Pierre was back and we covered Omaha, Utah beaches, Point Du Hoc and the US Military cemetery. If you want detailed history he is your guy. We covered the obvious but also as my son and I were interested in the Band of Brothers - he was able to drive to specific places where those actual events took place. He called ahead and booked us a lunch reservation at the 101st Airborne restaurant. And gave us more than we could have asked for on specific events.

We had a party of 6 so decided for a once in a lifetime trip to just book it as a private tour. Well worth it.

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Thank you for your review.
I will be planning a trip to this area for next spring.

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I'm glad to hear that Overlord refunded your money - I have really enjoyed their tours.

Thanks also for confirming some of my suspicions about Mont St. Michel. We're in decent shape, but not really comfortable with massive tight packed crowds.

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I loved Bayeux and the D Day beaches, but MSM was a great disappointment to me. The worst food of the entire trip. It was better years ago when it was just a tidal causeway, but building the road up to the door has ruined it for me.

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I hear nothing but good things about Overlord. Glad that you are sharing your experience and adding another voice to the chorus of people who have enjoyed private and group tours with them.

My Mont St Michel experience: Parked in the parking lot, walked to the place, walked inside, spent about 15 minutes there, said "Meh," and took off. Walking to it was the highlight.