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Galileo and Pisa walking tour with Martina Manfredi/Tuscany At Heart

We learned about Martina from Rick's Italy tour book -- what a GEM! We took Martina's "Galileo and Pisa" walking tour in October 2022, figuring it would be a great lens through which to learn about Pisa beyond its most famous site, the Leaning Tower. Martina was very professional and personable with excellent English skills -- an absolute wealth of information about Pisa's history and Galileo's life. We walked the streets he would have walked as a child and learned about his family as well as his groundbreaking scientific observations (and their consequences). Martina was able to expel the lore that surrounds Galileo, grounding her explanations in her own investigative studies and uncovered documentation. As part of the tour, we also visited the Field of Miracles complex. Even in this typical tourist spot, Martina was able to go deeper than the typical tour -- we pondered Moorish influence in the church, discussed the architectural quandary of how to solve the tower's lean, and learned about the origins of the name, "Field of Miracles" at Campo Santo. We truly felt privileged to learn from her, and her past life as a student at the University of Pisa greatly deepened our understanding of Pisa as a community, not just a tourist attraction. We can't recommend Martina enough.

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