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Day trips out of Rome

I just got back from Italy and took a lot of day trips from Rome. I stayed at a friend's house/apt. who lives in central Rome. I was lucky that my local friends planned a lot of day trips out of the city for me. One tour I would recommend is a bus trip from Rome to Pompeii which included a tour of the ruins, a great lunch, then a double deck bus tour of Naples. You leave the city early, and return around 7:30 pm. There was a multiple casualty crash on the freeway heading back to Rome, the delay added 1 1/2 hours to the trip.

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Personally, after some time in Rome, I liked having another base nearby Naples (for a few overnights) instead of trying to see Pompeii and Naples in one day, which wouldn't do Naples justice. I know some folks may not have enough time for two bases, but I think it's preferable if one can swing it. How much time did you actually have in Rome itself?

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I had about 9 days at a friends home. Free place to stay, too hard to pass up, plus it was a great place. I didn't mind the trains, buses, whatever it took .

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We had four days in Rome and I researched a trip to Villa d'Este. It looked great, but we just couldn't fit it in. Perhaps it would fit into your schedule, check it out. Hank, Novato CA

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Interesting. We'll be in Italy about a week - give or take - starting in Rome and working our way to Nice. I've been waffling about the idea of doing a day trip to Naples and/or Pompeii. A bus tour sounds interesting, but unless it was a really nice charter bus with AC and a smooth, steady ride, I'd get SICK!

(A few years ago I had to ride a bus for about an hour through the French countryside, and I almost hurled. I was apple green by the time we got to our destination and was ready to walk ANYWHERE rather than get back on a bus!)

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Lisa, according to your other post, you're only allowing 2 full days for Rome. Taking 1 of them for Pompeii means missing a lot of the Eternal City. I usually recommend a minimum of 4 nights/3.5 days just to scratch the surface.