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Day Trip from Prague to Wroclaw, Poland

Hello: My wife and I just came back from the Czech Republic, and we were able to make a day trip to Wroclaw Poland, where relatives from Warsaw and Szczecin met us for the day. We made this trip on Sunday, March 8, 2020 via Flixbus from Prague's Florenc Bus Station to Wroclaw's Bus Station, which is connected to a shopping center. The trip left Prague at 7:05 am, and took slightly over 4 hours, arriving in Wroclaw early. We knew we'd be traveling through mountains, but didn't realize how nice the scenery would be along the roue. We traveled through some ski areas in the Czech Republic, as well as Jelenia Gora, Poland, which is an attractive mountain town.

Wroclaw's bus station is across the street from its train station. We found Wroclaw to be a lively city, with a lot to do, a helpful and friendly tourist office. We took a one hour city tour via golf cart, were able to visit a couple of historic churches, including the cathedral, and had a late lunch at an 80s themed restaurant.

While you could spend a lot more time in Wroclaw, it worked for us as a good meeting point. Our Flixbus to Prague left at 17:35, and arrived back in Prague at 22:20. It was a long day, but we had made these types of trips in Europe before, and were up for the challenge.
This route is part of the Prague-Warsaw route. It is not a nonstop,as it made stops along the way between Prague and Wroclaw. But it certainly was comfortable. This was our first time traveling on Flixbus, and based on our experience, was a good way to get between the two cities.

Tim Grzesiakowski

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Thanks for this report. I'm planning to spend 2 nights in Wroclaw in Sept. I will go after the RS 10 Day tour of Poland ends in Krakow. I'm starting to read my guidebook right now so I can keep my spirits up with thoughts of this lovely trip. I hope and pray this Global Pandemic passes quickly.
Let's hope we can all enthusiastically Keep on Traveling again!

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Hi Judy: You're welcome. I think you will really like Wroclaw. We scratched the surface on this trip, and hope it stays "under the radar"