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Day Trip Battle of the Bulge

My father-in-law was captured at the Battle of the Bulge so the family is planning an excursion to 'take in' some of the area he may have experienced and then will continue to the town where he was held prisoner.
Seeking recommendations for Bulge guides and possibly accommodations (although I can research that myself, if necessary).

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Reg Jans is the man for you. I had a hard time finding a guide or a small-group tour that would do more than take you to the major memorials and museums. With Reg, you get to see where the fighting took place. If you know your father-in-law's unit, there's a good chance he can take you to where he fought and was held prisoner. At our request, he took us to sites where the 17th Airborne saw action on one of the two days we spent with his company. Reg knows/knew many BoB veterans, including many of the soldiers portrayed in Band of Brothers.

Reg isn't cheap, but he is absolutely worth it.

We went to Bastogne in September 2019 and stayed at the Hotel Melba. Reg showed us the house where Hitler stayed in 1940 when he was in Bastogne - right around the corner from the Hotel Melba.

Here is a link to my trip report, not all of which is Bastogne-related.

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That is a high detailed and fantastic trip report!! Thank you for posting the link, missed it the first time.

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This is why I love the travel forum. Someone had a fairly specific question,but there was also someone who could give a good answer that directly met the need.

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Within 15 minutes of the question’s being posed!!!!

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To echo the others -- wow, Prophet, what a terrific trip report!! I've been to Normandy 5 times and have always "thought about" planning a trip to Bastogne. Now, you've done the planning for me :-) .
What was the weather like in Belgium? I currently have a plane ticket to England Sept. 25-Oct. 11, but am up in the air re: where I'll actually end up traveling.

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Thank you for appreciating my trip report!

In September 2019, the weather in the Bastogne area was fairly mild. We wore long-sleeve tee shirts during the day, and light jackets at night.

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Thank you for your prompt and detailed response! The family is certainly looking forward to learning about their dad and grandfather!