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Dale Booth Normandy Beaches Tour 2023

We completed a tour of the Omaha Beach and surrounding D-Day Invasion sites and cemeteries with Dale Booth in May 2023. Dale did an outstanding job on our day long guided trip. Prior to the trip I sent Dale my father's personal written recollections of his landing on D-Day at Omaha. Dale used that information to craft a tour specific to our desire to see the sites and areas where my father landed. His knowledge of the D-Day battle field is extensive and he has authored books on the subject (one of which he signed for us). Our group concluded that Dale's tour was not only the highlight of our visit to Normandy but also of our entire trip to Europe that summer. We greatly appreciated the effort Dale took to make this trip special.

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That’s great that he put together a personal experience for you based on your father’s writing. That must have been so meaningful.

Dale was my guide back in 2009 for a two-day tour back when he worked for a different company and I agree that he was an outstanding guide.

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What a powerful tour you all must have had with him. Very cool that he was able to construct a specific tour for you all from your Dad's journal/diary. Wow. I'll bet Dale enjoyed the research he did for that and being able to provide something different for guests.

I, too, have toured with Dale in the past on a Rick Steves tour. He was awesome with asking as he got on the bus who had anything specific to see. One tour member's Dad or Uncle landed at Utah and he was able to point out about where his company would have come ashore. I was interested in the Advanced Landing Grounds, one in particular that a guy in my Dad's fighter squadron had landed at on about June 9 escorting some big brass to tour. He said we could not stop as there was no layby but he would point out the location when we went by. He remembered, got me ready and on the correct side of the bus (lol) and yep, I saw where Floyd landed. Very meaningful.

His knowledge base is awesome.

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Dale does an amazing job bringing the area and its stories to life. The day we spent touring with him was very moving and memorable - a highlight of our entire trip. I would heartily recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent guide to the Normandy beaches area.

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We did a 2-day Band of Brothers tour with Dale back when he worked with Battlebus Tours. We liked it so much that when we returned to France the following year we signed up for his tour of the British and Canadian D-Day tours. Both trips we had young adults with us and he went out of his way to engage them as well. It was a highlight for all of us. Over the years he’s met so many former service members who landed on D-Day or were involved in it that he has lots of personal stories to share.