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D Day Tour with Overlord Tours (Military Veteran's Perspective)

The tour of the D-Day sites with Overlord Tours was definitely the highlight of my trip to Europe. I travel a lot, and this was honestly the best tour I have ever been on.

I was a Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, so I was extremely excited to participate in this tour. Knowing that I was a military veteran, our tour guide Yannick tailored a great deal of the tour to my background, which was greatly appreciated. Even though I had a great deal of knowledge about the D-Day events going into the tour, Yannick still taught me a great deal. His in depth knowledge was extremely impressive. Not only did he know a great deal about the big picture and overall operation, he was also able to share detailed stories of personal accounts of particular D-Day veterans. Additionally, he was able to confidently answer all questions from everyone on the tour.

Furthermore, the tour itself is organized perfectly. It gives you a chance to visit the important sites in a very efficient manner.

I highly recommend this tour to both military veterans and tourists in general. I sincerely appreciated Yannick's respect to military veterans and his in depth knowledge of the D-Day events. If you are looking to see and learn about Operation Overlord, you should definitely take this tour- you will not be disappointed!

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I did the the full day tour with Overlord and the knowledge of our guide was great and we saw a lot of sights and the story about the tide rise was very interesting.

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I agree. We did the one day tour, traveling from Paris on the 7:07 train to Caen, then Bayeux.
Our guide Alain was extremely knowledgable and gave us so many strategic details of the Overlord Operation, some successful and some not, and numerous personal anecdotes and details. We had no idea there were so many memorials and historically important sites, And we were sorry that we did not spend more time in Normandy, to allow for a 2 day tour. This was a small group tour, thorough, thought provoking and emotional. We learned so many new things about WWII. Earlier in our trip we had visited Poland and Auschwitz-Birkenau, which made this Overlord Tour so poignant to us. Thank you Overlord for helping everyone remember these brave young men and women, some of whom Gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.