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D-Day Tour

Our family just returned from an 11-day jaunt through Paris and Rome that was simply incredible, but the highlight of the trip was our 2 days spent in the Normandy area with Chris from Navy & Co. Chris picked us up at our hotel (family of four including children 13 and 10) and we embarked on a whirlwind tour of all of the key D-Day points. We started with a walk along Omaha Beach. Chris so expertly walked us through the preparation leading to D-Day and how it unfolded for both sides on that morning - we felt as if we were actually there (maybe it was because of the relentless November wind and rain). We retreated to the warm van and watched parts of Saving Private Ryan - I call this knowing your audience and further helped bring to life for our children. At each stop the rest of the day - American Cemetery, Pointe du Hoc, Utah Beach, Sainte-Mere Eglise - we were overwhelmed with the Chris's knowledge and storytelling. It wasn't just the top spots we have all read about, but his stories of the haunted house of Marmion farm, seeing the blood stains on pews and the bullet holes in confessionals, and the great stories of his ongoing recovery work in the area. That first day we spent 8-10 hours with Chris and it felt like 10 minutes we could have gone on for more, but we had to stop and rest for our adventures of the next day. Although we could have spent another week on D-Day, we instead started day 2 very early so we could make first light on Mt. Saint Michel. Leaving no stone unturned, Chris had his wife, Sue, prepare a basket of goodness for us to enjoy has we sat in the a farm field watching the sun come up (as with the rainbow that came up on Omaha Beach the day before, we think Chris worked his magic on day 2 as we were stopped by a herd of sheep crossing from one field to the next). Chris's knowledge of the Abbey on MSM and what people went through on the pilgrimages to get there was amazing.

I could go on at length about Chris. He made our first 2 days an absolute hit. In our time with him I believe we have made a lifelong friend and are already talking to him about meeting us in London for round 2. If not London, then I bet it is back in Normandy so we can meet Sue and spend time at their B+B.

We highly recommend Chris.