D-day beach tours from Bayeux

If you are going to tour the D-day beaches in Normandy, make Bayeux your starting point and use Overlord Tours. If you do that, ask for Dominique to be your guide. We were there 10-11 June and were blessed to have her as our guide. She was punctual, prepared for all of our questions and was incredibly versed on all of the events which occurred in the related battles. I thought I knew my history on the Allied invasion until spending 2 days with her guidance. She was terrific. I didn't care about the price- all I cared about were results. Overlord Tours and she delivered.

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I've also used Overlord Tours out of Bayeux (for a 1 day tour). Olivier was our guide and he was great! It cost about 65 euro each (in October 2012) and we were in an 8-person van (but with only 5 passengers on our trip).

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Thanks for sharing those positive experiences!

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I have a question about the Overlord Tours. It seems that the one day tour visits quite a few sites is it too much for one day? Did you feel rushed through the sites? We are planning on staying in Bayeux for two nights (taking a full day tour) then starting a Rick Steves tour after. Thanks for any info.

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Suggest that you specify which tour you wish to take. Take the tour involving the Omaha and Utah beaches which includes the American cemetery and the Point du Hoc. I guarantee that you will not feel rushed. You will wonder how you learned so much in an 8 hour day.

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Thanks jglow. We plan on taking either the Omaha/Utah or the Omaha/Band of Brothers tour. Taking the trip spring 2015. Very excited about going.

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Hello and thanks for sharing your experiences from Normandy. I've been doing research for next years trip and have been reading up on Overlord Tours. Your post just gave me another reason to use them! By any chance, during your tour, did the topic of visiting on the 6th come up? I'd like to think that visiting on the 6th would be a great experience. However, I remember seeing something on the Overlord Tours website about some sites not being accessible during the week of the 6th. Thanks!

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Just to add, this week we booked the full day Omaha/Utah tour for next April. Easily done, they replied that same day and asked to credit card number info broken into 4 separate e-mails to confirm the tour, but will use that only if you don't show. By next morning we were confirmed, only delay was the time difference as to when e-mails were read either side of the ocean.

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Beaconj15-the difficulty with touring the sites on the 6th is that many of the tour guides themselves are also visiting the sites to participate in the special events and are not available. My understanding is that the crowds are ridiculous on that day every year. If you like traffic jams. go for it. :-). We went just a few days after the 6th and still gained the full experience. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the quick response. Yea, that makes sense. I appreciate the insight.

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We stayed 5 nights at Hotel Reine Mathilde and used Overlord Tours last May and found both the hotel and the tour great. We traveled by train so guided tours worked best for us. We also booked our tour before we left for our trip and checked in with them by phone a couple of days before we arrived to make sure we were still on their schedule. The 8 hour Overlord Tour that visited both battlefields was very good and our guide was extremely informative/knowledgable. We were met right by the hotel, only 10 people on the tour so we had lots of individual attention to questions. Would recommend Overlord Tours.

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We used Overlordtour from Bayeaux on September 22, 2014. We had a great tour and did not feel rushed. Our tour guide was Peter and he did an excellent job of making the battles come alive and answering questions. My advice is to book early as we were lucky to get a tour on short notice.

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Has anyone here done the half-day Overlord tour? We would like to add this as a day trip the day after our Best of Paris tour ends, traveling via morning rail to Bayeux, returning that evening, then flying home the next morning. We're willing to have a long day to work this in, but just wondering how this itinerary has worked for others.


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@ stoutfella

you may want to start a new post and get more answers.

happy trails.