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Colosseum Tour with the Roman Guy is Unbelievable-Highly Recommend

We used the Roman Guy for two tours, the Colosseum and the Vatican. We used Rick Steve’s podcasts for nearly everything else. The Colosseum tour was the combined Colosseum Dungeons Tour, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill. We are so glad we took this tour with the Roman Guy. They have a great headphone system so you are not trying to squeeze around your guide to hear details.

The Colosseum was one of three things I had to do while in Italy. The Roman Guy Tour was great. The Colosseum is bigger than life! Seeing this beautiful historic structure and learning about its real history truly made history come to life for me. Being able to go out to the where the floor of the colosseum was, going into the dungeon area where the animals and gladiators walked, then going to the very top level and seeing the entire Colosseum from a different perspective then turning around and getting the eagle’s view of Palantine Hill and The Roman Forum (which are also a part of this tour!) was breathtaking.

Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and provided an outstanding Colosseum tour. She then took us to Palantine Hill. I thought this would be humdrum, but it was fascinating. Learning how Rome started, learning about Romulus and Remus, seeing the ruins of the Emperor’s palace, and walking where ancient Romans walked – awesome!

We then continued on to the Roman Forum as the last part of our tour. This was just an awestruck tour.... being able to walk on the streets that were used 2000 years ago, seeing where the Vestal Virgins originated, seeing the ruins of temples that you read about. Amazing.

This tour truly made history come alive! I am so glad we chose to do this tour with the Roman Guys.

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Thank you so much for this information! My first visit to Italy will be in April next year. I was going to buy Vatican tickets ahead of time as folks have suggested because it is extremely busy. Your email led me to The Roman Guy website where others also raved about their tours and how they were able to avoid the crowds, which is music to my ears. It is much easier to be engulfed in beauty in the stillness.

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