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Chris Emery Visit D’Day

Just wanted to hop on to share that we had a great day with Chris Emery during our stay near Sainte-Mère-Église, Normandy. One reason we hired Chris other than his great reviews is that he was willing to ride in our car which made the day somewhat more affordable. I cannot stress enough how much we enjoyed our day with Chris. He picked up on our interest right away and had a perfect day planned out for us. His use of an I Pad with personal accounts and interviews he has done with service men that fought on D’Day was certainly interesting. His knowledge of the sites and personal accounts he shared made the tour even more special. He met us at our B&B at 8:30 and we didn’t stop until 5:30pm. He is willing to stop for lunch but we just ended up having a coffee as we had a huge breakfast and didn’t feel the need. Chris is a former British Ranger Commando so has a military background himself. He can make a random field or farm house come alive with the history he shares. Highly recommend him as a tour guide of D’Day sites in Normandy.

Chris Emery

*** I just received a note suggesting that Chris asked for me to place a review here from another contributor on this forum. For the record Chris never asked us once to share his details here or even to ask for a review at all on any review site. Which honestly is odd. Most tour companies and guides ask. In my experience they normally do. We toured with him in April and while I was reading reviews for an upcoming trip to Budapest thought his details might be helpful to someone. I am just paying it forward as I always appreciate post similar to this on this forum. There is always room for good affordable guide suggestions.

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There has been a rash of single-post forum participants recommending Normandy guides. It sounds like the person who sent the note was suspicious of this. My approach when I see recommendations now is to click on the username. If the user has a good number of posts (like islandfam2008 indeed does!), I assume the recommendation is legit. Recommendations from users with only a single post are more suspicious to me.

So, islandfam2008, thanks for participating in the forum and sharing your experience with Chris Emery!

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I get it Dave. I have seen a few that literally their first post was to recommend something. Unfortunately life and work keep me busy so I don’t get on this forum as much as I would like. I am always so appreciative of the feedback on this forum that when I am on here I take a peek to see if there is anything I can respond to or help with. This was the first time I posted on the trip report section but felt both Chris and a place we stayed in France would be a good fit for those on this forum. I was just surprised by the note sent so I wanted to clarify that it wasn’t asked of me. Hope it helps someone. Happy travels!

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I’m glad the person sent the note. The one-post recommendations, usually for the same person, has affected the amount of reassurance regulars might need or want. So the inquiry and your clarification are top-notch.