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Camping in Europe in Summer

Hey everyone! Please advise good rain jackets for tour in Europe.

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Realistically, I don't think there will be camping (or tours) in Europe this summer.

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Too little information. Where are you going, weather expected (temps and wind expected), price range, etc. Try looking at websites like Eddie Bauer, Lands End, REI, Amazon to get ideas. Being able to layer your clothing gives you the most flexibility so it needs to be roomy enough to go over it all.

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Something with a waterproof membrane. Goretex is the “gold standard” but Columbia, North Face, Eddie Bauer, etc all have their versions of goretex as well.

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Whatever you wear when you have rain in Tampa.

Rainwater in Europe follows the same laws of physics there as it does in the US.

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Weather/rain in Florida is a wee bit different than Europe (also depends where in Europe the OP will be, Alps etc).
The OP asked a very reasonable question; that maybe needed a little trip more location information.
If an OP’s question is not to your taste may I suggest you refrain from posting.
Thank you to those providing actual useful information or requesting additional information from the OP.