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Authenic Slovakia Tour of Bratislavia-Excellent

In September, my husband and I were visiting Vienna. We thankful were led to a wonderful tour provider-Authenic Slovakia and their tour "Bratislava Post Soviet City Tour". We took the train from Vienna to Bratislava in the morning. We were met by Juro at the Gorilla Cafe in his Skoda. From there, we had the most interesting, fun, educational (historically and culturally) tour. The tour we did was four hours and we drove all over Bratislava with Juro sharing information all along the way. The lunch place we stopped at was Funus where the food was great, local and inexpensive. We learned about the history of Bratislava before the 20th century, the history of the World War, the Soviet period and what is happening in Slovakia today. After the tour, Juro was able to guide us to other sights (local microbrews) before we returned to Vienna by train. I would love to join them for more trips that they have in Slovakia especially in the Carpathian Mountains and Kosice. Check them out. It is time and money well spent.

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Bratislava is a hidden treasure--39 miles from Vienna.
Most people don't realize how well this city is doing economically, and it's one of the highest paid of the cities in the EU. Industry is very high tech companies.
And we didn't hear a single word of German spoken--just Hungarian.