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Astrid Baur tours

Greetings to all..... I was reading up on the Astrid Baur (spelling?) day tours and a couple of them caught my interest. Specifically the Germany tours from Fuessen, visiting the castles and Weiskirche and Oberammergau (SPELLING!!) I was wondering how long the church and city portions were. It's my understanding that the church is hard to get to on my own.... has anyone used this tour company? They do get great reviews.... thanks!

Edit: link to their page here. If this is not allowed, please delete immediately!

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You actually did pretty good on the spelling except, it's Wieskirche (church in the meadow), not Weisskirche (white church), even though the church in the meadow is white (Wies is a meadow, Weiss is white, note the vowel order).

Wieskirche is not difficult to get to on your own; there are buses from both Füssen/Hohenschwangau and Oberammergau, it just that sometimes the next bus is a little too long or too short.

I visited Wieskirche in 2007. It took me maybe 5 minutes to look inside and see that is was an over-the-top, ornate Rococo church. That was enough for me. I retired to the Gaststätte across the street for lunch, then went on.

OTOH, the day before I visited Linderhof. Including lunch, I probably spent six hours there. There is a lot to see on the grounds.

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We used her company and they are very good at customizing to your specifications via email.