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Are there guides inside Colosseum in Rome

I have not been to Rome since 2010. At that time we did not take a guided tour of the Colosseum. My granddagughter
will be accompanying us next year and I would like to take a tour. As per RS 2009 guide book you can request a guide once thru security "-just ask the guard and he will usher you towards the ticket booth".
Is this still being done? If so any information as to pricing and how long the tour might be?
We will have a Roma Pass and this will be our first free entry. Also I do know that now you need a reservation.
We will be travelling (hopefully) May 2021.
Any help would be appreciated

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Hi Shelley,

Here is the official website

Please read through for specifics - bags, policy, timing, pricing, etc. There may be the guided tour you are inquiring about.

Visitors to the Colosseo can do either a self tour or sometimes go with one of the tour companies like Walks of Italy or The Roman Guy.

There are some new rules regarding visiting the Colosseo. And, by the time you visit, things could change again.

Please view from Romewise. Elyssa is an American married to a Roman and has been in Rome for many, many years. She has a lot of helpful videos about Roma.

Also, these videos may help

Keep in mind there may be newer updates since these are almost a year old.

Have fun when you get to visit.

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Shelley, while your 2009 edition of the guidebook would be great for historical background on attractions, I would NOT use it for any visiting details such as hours, entry fees or the guide services you inquired about above. It's much too outdated for any of that. Many procedures have changed since that book was published, and changes continue to evolve with the pandemic; even the most recent guidebook won't be up-to-date on those. Best idea for the most timely info is to keep a thumb on the official websites of the attractions you wish to visit.

If you want a tour of the arena - especially with COVID's limitations on visiting numbers - you need to purchase one in advance, either from the Coopculture site or from any number of private services. Roma Passes do not cover tours so you'll need to book in advance and pay for those separately from any entry fees the pass covers. This is Rome's #1 attraction so timed-entry/tour tickets have historically disappeared very quickly.

On the coopculture site, this is the current ordering page for entry to the Colosseum, Palatine and Forum + a 45-minute tour in English for the Colosseum. As the COVID situation is fluid, any of the info could change before next spring.

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Thank you both especially for the websites. I already have been on a couple of them but as you both said things could change
at any time. While I am being optimistic that we will be able to travel early May next year I will not make (other than hotels that I can cancel) any reservations or buy tickets on sites unless absolutely sure travel will take place.
I will be posting, perhaps, some other questions in the near future - your replies will be most welcomed.

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You're welcome. :O)
Do keep an eye on the Coopculture website as their tour options could change/expand over the upcoming year. For instance, the night tours of the Colosseum, when offered, have been popular with visitors only staying in Rome for a short time. It has allowed them to stretch their sightseeing hours into the evening when most other attractions are closed. Same with high-season Friday nights at the Vatican Museums (when offered). Colosseum night tours don't include access to the Forum or Palatine but it works if not interested in those two sites. And again, the Roma Pass doesn't cover tours.

You don't mention how old your grandchild is but you do know that if she's under age 18, she'll be able to enter many attractions for free? Some may require a reservation fee + additional if booking a tour.