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Anyone can share their itineraries with me? Going to London, Paris and Barcelona.

Hello Everyone! Anybody kind enough to share their past itineraries with me?

Budget traveler here - traveling with boyfriend and some friends.
4 full days is London, 3 full days in Paris and 3 full days in Barcelona.

Thanks very much!!

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Repost in the destinations QandA section and you'll get more replies.

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Are you looking for hotel/restaurant/sight-seeing suggestions in each city? If so, I can help as we have lived in London and Paris and traveled to Barcelona (though it is not a favorite place).

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Thanks sanderskn and Terri Lynn!

Terri Lynn - I'm looking for restaurant/sight-seeing recommendations! I have all the really popular tourist stuff on my list already. Just don't know how to best schedule everything so I wanted to look at other people's itineraries. I also wanted to get recommendations on hidden gems/local stuff because I already know which tourist attractions to visit :)

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I have done all these cities in one trip.. but not in 10 days..

We flew into London as it is cheapest flights for us.. and then took Eurostar to Paris ( if you book WELL in advance its cheap.. and its city center to city center so no extra time and cost commuting to and from airports.. and they have deals for young folks and those travelling in groups , read site well)

From Paris to Barcelona.. and then from Barcelona back to London we have used both Vueling and Easyjet ( do not use Ryanair for Paris flights as they use a far away airport.. ) ... and I usually just pick the one that has the cheapest flight and the schedule that works for us.

We have also been able to fly open jaw ( into one city and out another internationally ,, but we have limited choices from our local airports) which if you price it out can work much better.. and time wise of course it saves you time not having to backtrack.. so with your short visit to look into that..
Those flights are often under " multi Destinations"

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I have a suggestion about your itinerary as to the # of destinations and the # of days you will be traveling.

Perhaps when you told us how many days you would be in each place, you are not counting travel days--ie you will be in each of the cities as above in your posting, with additional days for travel between them. If so, sounds good. All 3 cities are fantastic. If you are planning to travel by train, the train lines have affordable rates the earlier you book your tickets (online). If you don't book way in advance, the costs by train can be significantly more $. You can investigate this more on other parts of the Rick Steves' website.

If, you are planning to visit 3 cities in only 10 days total, consider that whether you travel by car/train/plane, you could spend 1/2 day each time you move from one location to another. I usually do a rough timeline, considering how much time I'll be spending checking in/out of hotels and going to/from airports/train stations, as well as the actual travel time (as well as pre-boarding time if you are flying). For example, you could easily spend 1/2 day each time you move from one country to another, meaning you might have only 2 1/2 days in Paris and Barcelona. If that is OK with you, enjoy!

It is so hard to make a choice to whittle your destinations down to only 2 in 10 days, but I think your ability to see these wonderful places will be impacted by jet lag (arriving) and travel between locations. Whatever you decide to do, I know you will enjoy your vacation.