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Angel Tours in Rome - Maximize Your Experience in Rome

My boss recommended Angel tours when he heard we were going to Rome - months ago. We were so busy, we actually didn't get around to making reservations until we were in the airport on our way to Rome. We had a limited time in Rome before we picked up a cruise ship. They were able to schedule us and help us get the most out of our visit. I had not been to Rome since I was a teenager; my wife had never been there. I wanted her to see all the things I remembered. We did four tours within 26 hours! We started out New Year's night at 1830 with Sean at the Spanish steps for the Rome City Center tour. Rome was on holiday and it was like New Year's eve in Times Square. The best thing is their tours are small groups. No radios and ear pieces. Our small group walked for about 2.5 hours, following his yellow umbrella. Sean knew all the right places to go, all the historical background, but better, he knew the stories behind the history; the "politics of art" as he called it. We followed that the next morning with the 0900 Ancient Rome and Coliseum tour. Again, it was a small group. Sean knew all the tricks to bypass the lines and crowds. The tour was the right pace, with the historical detail and the stories behind the history. He had all the details about how the buildings were slowly torn down and their shiny white skin removed. Following ancient Rome, we arrived at the Coliseum. The line was huge, but we went right by it and into the building. Amazing facility. And how they used it even more so. He led us through the crowd and out. By now the line to get in was at least a mile long. He showed a great little place right there outside the Coliseum so we could grab a quick lunch before heading to the 1300 Vatican Museum/St. Peters tour. We caught up with Marina, who was going to lead this tour. The line to get in the museum must have been close to two miles long. Again, we went right by it. We had to use radios this time because of the crowds. Marina led us through. She knew all the detail, was also able to provide background stories and used her IPad to show us details before we went into certain rooms. She provided stories about Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel that I'd never heard. Of course the Chapel was amazing. Her stories made it that more enjoyable. The tour ended in St. Peters. Marina did an amazing job getting us in, out and through the crowd. We worked our way back to the Pantheon and joined the free tour Sean does each night at 1930. Again, more details you don't read in books and I had no idea Raphael was buried there. After 30 minutes, we were done. There you have it, four tours in 26 hours. We couldn't be more pleased. They were flexible, knowledgeable and went out of their way to help us have a wonderful visit and see all we could in the time available. I have recommended them to several people already and will continue to do so. If I ever get back to that part of the world, they'll be the first people we call. If you have a short time in Rome, or their other service areas, these are your people.

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Could you give a link to Angel Tours website or their email or phone- contact info? I would be interested. Also, what are their rates and what sort of vehicles do they use? Is it possible to hire them for a group (rather than sign on as individuals) you are bringing to Italy?

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I thought their rates were very reasonable. You can see them on their website.
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I believe they'd be happy to work with a set group. They're very flexible and they focus on keeping their groups small. All the tours we did were walking. I know they do have at least one tour that is in golf carts.