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Amazing Pompeii tour with Gaetano Manfredi

Ciao! I just wanted to drop a note adding my name to those who recommend Pompeii guide Gaetano Mandfredi. We had an amazing tour with him today.

We are a three generation family group of 9, ranging in ages from 15 - 76. Gaetano arranged a driver to pick us up in Sorrento at our hotel. The driver brought us to Pompeii, where we met Gaetano for our tour. After the tour, we ate a light lunch and then the driver brought us up Vesuvius to the start of the walking path. We then hiked up to the top and back down again, where the driver was waiting to return us to Sorrento. Fantastic!

As to Gaetano’s tour itself, I think I can best sum it up by saying that half-way through, the easily bored 15 year old turned to me and said “this is really cool.” High praise, indeed! Gaetano pointed out things that we would never have found on our own. He is so knowledgeable about Pompeii and has countless stories to share. This brings the city to life! As silly as this seems to mention, Gaetano was also very good at stopping us in the shade where ever possible to explain something we were looking at. We visited on a very hot day, and all that shade was very appreciated.

Gaetano and I had been communicating for a few months setting up this tour for our group. He was always prompt in responding, and he was very upfront about price, time frames, etc…. Very appreciated. The value of this tour (and the rest of the day) was outstanding. I would recommend this tour to anyone - and I would even repeat it myself!

Grazie, Gaetano!

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Tell us about the cost.

Was it all bundled into one fee or separate for the the transportation?

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Hi Joe -

The driver, entrance to Pompeii; and Gaetano’s tour were all bundled into one fee. Lunch and entrance onto Vesuvius were separate - but this was all clearly stated when we made the arrangements. Once we had set the morning pick-up time, Gaetano told me which time slot to choose for Vesuvius so that we could purchase the tickets ahead (which was necessary, as they were turning people without reservations away at the gate). Our overall day was 9:00 - 5:30, door to door.

The cost for the driver, Pompeii entrance, and Gaetano’s tour was 850 Euros total for 9 people. We know we could have taken the Circumvesuviana up to Pompeii and hired a guide at the gate more cheaply, but for our large group the “extra” cost of adding the driver (and having Gaetano’s excellent tour) was well worth it. Gaetano had our tickets in hand when we arrived, which meant we skipped the line as well. Also, this arrangement allowed us to get to Vesuvius in the same day. I noticed a tour company had a board advertising tours in Sorrento - their half day tour with transportation to Pompeii alone was 79 Euros per person - so I felt even better about our arrangement with Gaetano!

Adding the transportation was something that Gaetano did at our request. He also offers simple tours of Pompeii (where he meets you at the gate).

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Bookmarked for trip soon? We hope. Thank you for the report. I did a virtual tour of Pompeii when Covid first started and can’t wait to get there to see it in person. We already go private, especially with a group. Cost wise it isn’t too much more but enjoyment wise it is priceless. We learned that here from other posters.

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Love this info and planning something similar. Is there a link to communicate with Gaetano. tx