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Advice on trip plan - Germany, austria and czech republic

Hey guys. Need some help here. since im not from europe, and have only been one time there before. Recently ive been making some researches and the result is down below. I already have the plane tickets, i will arrive on munich on 20th july and leaving prague on 8th august !
I am brazilian and my wife is chinese, and i live here in beijing, china.
Note: we cant rent a car

Any changes, tips or suggestions? Would this route be good considering the transportation (train, bus...)?

7/20/2017 munich (arriving 11 o`clock)

7/21/2017 munich/Dinkelsbühl (before i`ve just added rothemburg to the trip plan, but i found out about this Dinkelsbühl medieval city and about the Kinderzeche Festival that is going to happen there, i think would worth it an addition, right?

7/22/2017 Dinkelsbühl

7/23/2017 Dinkelsbühl/rothenburg

7/24/2017 rothenburg

7/25/2017 rothenburg /fussen (my wife wants to see the Neuschwanstein Castle, do you think this is the best route?)

7/26/2017 fussen/salzburg

7/27/2017 salzburg

7/28/2017 salzburg/vienna

7/29/2017 vienna

7/30/2017 vienna

7/31/2017 vienna/Český Krumlov

8/1/2017 Český Krumlov

8/2/2017 Český Krumlov / prague

8/3/2017 prague

8/4/2017 prague

8/5/2017 prague
That`s it ,
THX ! :)

I have been to Neuschwanstein from Munich. Mikes Bike Tours offers a day trip from there, with visit to the castles (Hohenschwangau as well - which is nearby), and an optional bike ride through the Bavarian country side. My family and me had a really good time. Rothenberg seems like you are going further away from perhaps you can do that visit based out of Munich before you go to Rothenberg?

Munich is also the perfect base camp to go visiting Salzburg. There are several tour buses you can catch right in front of the main train station. Or you can take the train itself into Salzburg. I was there in 2015....before the border controls were in place, and there was no checking of any passports as one crossed the border. Not sure if that is still the case.

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Cesky Krumlov in July isnt a place i would want to spend two nights. Too many tourists. Arrive mid afternoon spend the night and leave late morning the next day and maybe you will miss a lot of the day trip crowd.