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Xmas in Prague? Trains Run on Xmas?

We are going to Vienna/Prague for Xmas time but now I am starting to worry if it was a good idea. What exactly is open in Prague Dec 24-26? Is virtually everything shut down and nothing to do? And Cesky Krumlov would probably be completely shut down?

Also do the trains run from Prague to Vienna on Dec 24, 25, or 26?

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Trains will be running, Both The Czech Republic and Austria have their main Christmas celebration on Christmas eve so don't expect much to be open from around noon on the 24th till after noon on the 25th and I would suggest you make sure you book somehwere to eat both these days or be in a hotel that can provide food.
I don't think it is a bad time to be in either city over this period. Though many site will be closed for 24 or 48 hours these are both cities that are lovely to wander around and see the wonderful architecture and speaking for Prague there are some lovely parks and green spaces that are a delight if the winter weather plays ball.hopefully there will be a few places open too but no guarantees .

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Yes, many things are closed during the Christmas holidays in Prague and Cesky Krumlov, but many places are open too. Its not hard finding something to do or a nice place to eat. I've spent two Christmases in CK and I love it there. Everything is pretty much business as usual, except inside the castle is closed. You're free to roam the grounds, including the gardens though. While not in bloom, theyre still worth the walk to the top of the castle.

I wouldn't suggest being in Vienna during this time. In addition to Christmas eve/day, they also celebrate Advent, so a lot of places are closed the 26th too. Prague starts getting back to normal even Christmas eve night, with plenty of places open Christmas day. This year I will arrive in Prague on Christmas eve, and spend the holidays there. Am also considering a side trip to CK again this year too. The Student Agency bus goes to and from Prague and CK all day on Christmas too
The trains run all the time. no days off for holidays.

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Thanks you for both responses. I went ahead and booked Prague.

My past trip there involved overpriced tourist restaurants so I will be looking for some good places to go off the beaten path