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Which currency should I keep ?


We are visiting Prague and later Austria, Italy and Germany. Should I bring only Euro only which should work everywhere or get Crowns+Euro for our overall trip ?

Except Dolomites (Italy), all hotels are already paid, so we would be paying local public transport, food and any attractions fees.

Suggestions please. Thanks

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You will need Czech crowns only for Prague. Try to obtain only a minimal amount of crowns, as Euros will be needed elsewhere, and converting currencies back from crowns to euros or dollars is inconvenient and expensive. You do not need to bring crowns or Euros with you, as you can use ATMs in each country you visit to withdraw from your checking account as you need funds. Check with your financial institution to see if they charge a fee for this. I personally bank at a credit union, which has no fees for international withdrawals. It is best to use European ATMs associated with a bank, as they do not charge a fee for use at the ATM. And if you are asked whether you want to be charged in dollars or local currency (Dynamic Currency Conversion) , always choose local, as it has a better exchange rate.

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You will need Euro and Czech Crowns. In Prague their currency is Czech Crowns. You can use a credit card, Visa and ask if there are transaction fees and if so, get a card that that does not have transaction fees. You can also check with your bank and see if they have a partner bank in all the countries you are visiting so that you can get money from an ATM ( I would only use ATM's that are attached to a bank). This way if you need cash you can withdraw it from an ATM.

Having some cash, credit card and bank card will enable you to pay for whatever you need.

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You don't need to BRING any Czech Koruna (CZK) to Prague but could withdraw Czech Koruna from a local ATM using your bank debit/ATM card, or pay a disadvantagous exchange rate exchanging our Euros at a tourist currency exchange kiosk. I would withdraw CZK from a Prague bank ATM.

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Do make sure you have a four digit pin attached to your bank card and should you use a bank that is not a partner with your home bank then there will be a fee for using the ATM. You should also call your bank and credit card companies to advise them of your travels. Italy is the one country that make not take a credit card as much and depends on cash only in some places. You will have no trouble using your credit cards in Germany and Austria. It has been several years since I went to Prague so I am unsure about using your credit cards in Prague. Sure they take it but don't want to give you incorrect information.

As others said, don't do an exchange at exchange places and don't exchange euros or us dollars as the rates and fees are terrible and it is a loss situation.

Have a great time.

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Thanks for all helpful reviews.

As for public transport, I will be using it in Prague, Salzburg, Mestre/Venice and Munich. Probably at some places, I would need some cash handy (not as much, as I was thinking before getting replies :-) ), in case some do not accept credit/debit card.

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People we are taking a day trip to Cesky Krumlov. Will be having lunch and late evening tea and snacks. Will Euros work for this?

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Forshamina, Euros may work but it will not be in your advantage but theirs. In the Czech Republic pay with Czech crowns, it will be cheaper.