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Where's a good section of Prague for an AirBnb?

I will need 4 nights in Prague. Would like to spend no more than $55 per night. I would like to stay where I can get to the major sites without too much trouble. Any suggestions for place to stay would be appreciated.

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Prague has an excellent metro and tram system so it really doesn't matter where you stay as long as you are close to either of them. The metro and tram systems are incredibly easy to use and you can buy a pass to hop on and off whenever you like.

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I'm staying here in September

Even if you don't like this apartment, or it's not available, the area is good. You are close to metro stations - Flora and Jiriho z Podebrad - and there a number of trams. 5 minutes on the metro will take you to the centre.

Being out of the centre it is cheaper and there are some good eating and drinking places locally.

If you want to be more central there are several bnbs between Namesti Republicki and the river.

Having said that, Anita is right that transport is good in Prague and there are a lot of good options.


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That looks a really nice place Alan.I have noted it for future visits.
The area around the place Alan suggests is a good place to be based and as there is a metro stop and loads of trams in the immediate area it is easy to get to all the sights within the city.

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Yes, Prague is generally very well connected, but the tram tracks are undergoing renovation and a lot of them are being diverted or are not in operation in the city centre. I have no idea when this reconstruction will finish but it has affected a lot of tram lines. I noticed that they started ripping up the floor around namesti republiky.

Just keep that in mind if you stay near a tram line.

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there always seems to be some sort of work going on with the trams but as the metro system is fully functioning as far as I am aware you can get to the majority of the sights using that.
this link lets you know what is going on with the various trams routes and over what time period.If you click on the "more" part of each section you will get full details of what is happening in various areas and what alternative routes or options are available to you.
I am not back in Prague till late October so can't see whats going on at the moment.

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Well thanks Nakuu for making go and check the DPP website for tram changes ,seems the trams I would have been using to get to the Hotel International from Dejvicka have changed and I would be looking for the wrong numbers .They revert back to their normal route the day after I leave the city.
In past visits if a tram is not running there is usually a red cross on the number at the tram stop and an alternative if any noted on the board beside the stop.