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What does the Czech republic get right?

Asking not just people who visited Czechia, but also its citizens.

I think we can name all the bad things (it would be a damn long list) but I'm more interested in the things our country get right.

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We went into the Urquell brewery's bar in Prague early one night. They go thru about 6000 gallons per night--tanker truck.

The Czech's can really brew great beer.

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Wow, what do they get right?

Family. Children are still children.

Beer. Even the Germans admit the Czechs make the best beer, especially the small breweries that have not sacrificed taste for wider sales.

Food. Pork hocks, man do they do pork hocks. Goose, when you can find it. Duck, slow cooked. Kraut, white or red. Bramborak (potato pancakes Moravian style). Mr. Havel. Music!!!
Music. My goodness, is there a more musical nation than this place. Topinka (bread fried in goose fat smeared with garlic). Smetana

Rural roads.
Gardens. Fruits trees.

Art Nouveau.
Engineering and design.

Good Soldier Svejk. Kafka.
Smart enough to recognize a good break up?

wayne iNWI

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I would be very interesting in hearing what you think the bad things are.

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I expect you will share your list, and links, in due course...

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"I expect you will share your list, and links, in due course"

Nah, this is just one of those one offs, just for fun of course.

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Allan. I saw Jaromir Jagr play for Kladno in January 2020 ,just before the world went to crap with Covid, he was nearly 48 years old then and the best player on the ice by far , brilliant!

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We went into the Urquell brewery's bar in Prague early one night. They go thru about 6000 gallons per night-

That is 22k+ liters. That is a LOT of folks drinking a LOT of beer.

Just how big is that bar?

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Not knocking Jagr, but Dominik Hasek in goal basically won the gold medal for the CR.

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They got Prague right. Mostly because it's not Budapest.

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Czech Republic how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Becherovka - with a splash of gin on ice with a lemon twist on a hot day or with a dram of scotch, lemon juice and honey on a cold day. Heaven.

Chlebicky - those delicious open faced sandwiches.


Transportation - I mean Skoda cars, Tatra trucks, every kind of bus, tram, metro car, motorcycle, electric scooter, you name it, they make it in the Czech Republic.

Low unemployment, low poverty levels, low reverence for religion or should we say a wonderful tolerance for individual choice.

Black Light Theater

A plethora of scientists. Genius just runs in the Czech genome.


Svickova na smetane with knedliky

Alphonse Mucha

Hiking and well marked hiking trails

Karlovy Vary, Hrensko, Jested, Loket

Ahoy- what’s not to like about an easy to say and remember word for hello/goodby for a dense English speaking monoglot?

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I visited many breweries in Czech Republic and I think they got their beers right. They also got highly skilled craftsmen. I found a local glass workshop that offered glass-blowing experience and I highly recommend anyone that is visiting Czech Republic to have that experience.

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My father had a major health issue in Czechia. The healthcare he received was just as good if not better than the US. Clean clinics and the medicine was cheaper than if he was in the US. So health care is a definite plus.

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These 2 books pretty much sum up everything I need to know about the fabric of the Czech Republic and it's people, past and present :

Prague Farewell - Heda Margolius Kovaly

Gottland - Mariusz Szczygiel