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West Bohemia Spa Triangle With Teen

My 14-year-old daughter and I are traveling to the Czech Republic in May. I recently learned about the spa towns like Karlovy Vary and would love for us to stay at a spa hotel in the region. I'm looking for one to stay at that would allow teens (accompanied with adult) into the spa & wellness areas. But am not interested in "family" versions that allow children of all ages as I'd like to have a peaceful and quiet experience :-). Thanks in advance for your help everyone and keep on traveling.

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We spent 2 nights in Karlovy Vary and loved it! Architecturally, it is very different from Prague. We did go to a spa and there definitely were not any young children. It was a peaceful and quiet experience. I just checked my notes and unfortunately, i didn't write down the name of the spa. However, we stayed at the Hotel Romance Puskin, and I remember that the spa was very close by and across the street.

KV is very interesting because you will hear a lot of Russian spoken. It was primarily Russian during the Communist rule, and even now Russians come here regularly for the spa treatments. And signs are in Russian, too. We didn't hear any English speaking tourists at the time (2009). Not sure if that has changed. Architecture is Art Nouveau.

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Since the turn of the century Russians were frequenting the Spa Triangle...Marienbad, Karlsbad and Franzensbad as they were known then in the Habsburg Empire, the Dual Monarchy. European royalty, such as Edward VII, were most definitely among the guests visiting to "take the waters." and to be up to date on the latest social and political gossip.