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Wander from Prague to Budapest- suggestions for in between?

Hi all-
In May we are flying into Prague and later out of Budapest (latter dates not set- going to Paris and can arrive there any time after being in Eastern Europe a minimum of 10 days). Preliminarily we are thinking about 3 days (4 nights) in Prague then about the same in Budapest. Between the two we are thinking of stopping at several places along the way, which is where your advice would be helpful.
We are experienced travelers but have not been yet in that part of the world. We like train travel (but open to all but driving, at least in the big cities). We prefer staying 2 nights at each stop. We don't mind smaller or less traveled places rather than the "bucket list" places (yeah, I know, Prague....).
How would you meander from one to the other over 5, 6, or 7 days. Olomouc? Brno? Bratislava? something different?
Thanks to all in advance...

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I haven't been to Bratislava but liked both Olomouc and Brno. However, Brno--though not very touristy--is a rather large place; you might prefer a smaller town just for the sake of variety.

I spent a couple nights in Gyor, which has a very attractive historic area and several small art-related museums. It's also the jumping-off point for visits to Pannonhalma Abbey. Some of the trains from Prague run through Vienna, and those seem to stop at Gyor. I believe all stop at Brno. Olomouc will require a detour.

Four nights is minimal for Budapest and (despite the crowds) I think also for Prague. Both cities have a lot of museums and historical sites, so take a good look at a guide book to be sure you aren't going to run out of time for what you want to do.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
Brno and Olomouc are easy to reach my train. Both are old capital cities of Moravia. Brno has a large college student population which gives it some zest. It is where Gregor Mendel did his pea research. Olomouc, CZ is a bit less polished but is real Czech.

Brataslava is not my favorite. The 'new' bridge destroyed much of the old city. New as in post WWII and pre-1989.

Eger is in Hungary and you probably have to go to Budapest to get there by train. But that is a small place well worth a visit. Consider the Hotel Senator in Eger. Classic hotel.

I am jealous.
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