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Walking Sticks or Trekking Poles

Has anyone going on a R.S. Best of Eastern Europe tour packed or used walking sticks or trekking poles? If so, how did you get them from the U.S. to Prague? What countries were you most likely to use them?

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Trekking poles are collapsible so the length can be shrunk and the poles packed into your checked bag.
TSA allows walking canes but specifically bans trekking poles in carry-ons as they are concerned about what might be concealed in a hollow tube.

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I've taken trekking poles on a number of RS tours. I generally take them on the bus so that they are handy if It looks like they could be useful (most any not urban walking). I do check my 22" bag, so no problem bringing them.

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I never check a bag so on two recent hiking trips to Europe I bought some inexpensive poles on Amazon and had them delivered to my first lodging spot. At end of trip I “gift” them to other travelers/hikers.