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Visiting Prauge for first time- questiona about restrooms- where?

I will be visiting Prauge for the first time
Question about using restrooms- what are the best places for people to use restrooms? Are there many department stores we can access bathrooms? Are there many fast food places i.e. mcdonalds that we can access restrooms?

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plenty of toilets about usually marked WC ,you will see them about ,also see them in shopping malls and in metro stations , cost vary from free in some malls but not all, and from 5kc up to 20kc in some places, standard vary form lovely to bloody terrible.

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In order I use 1) Shopping centre free, 2) shopping centre paid, 3) Serviced toilet paid i.e. old lady that looks after it, 4) Hotel. I absolutely do not use the automated booths. Just note that it's pay before.

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Always take advantage of the opportunity when at a museum. If you're spending a few hours to explore the sites of the Jewish Quarter Museum, they have a WC at the ticket office.