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visiting czech republic end of May/beginning of June

My spouse is planning to run a trail marathon in the town of Plzen which is about 55km west of Prague. We are seeking information on several things. Looking at the maps, it appears that flying into Prague and then taking either a train or a bus into Plzen would be better than flying into Munich and taking a train to Plzen.
Wondering if anyone out there has been to Plzen and can provide some info on the town.
We plan to then transfer back to Prague for the remainder of our trip after a few days in Plzen.
Any issues with language barriers in Czech Republic?
Appreciated the information already posted regarding monetary issues and telephone service.
Our past travels to other parts of Europe we have found using the train services has generally been efficient and with minimal issues.
Any other suggestions, comments, etc would be greatly appreciated.
I used this forum 2 years ago when we went to southeastern France and Switzerland and everyone's responses were very helpful!

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Can't help with info about Plzen. In the cities you'll be able to get by in English but load an audible translation app on your phone just in case. If you can clear Vaclav Havel Airport by 1400 then you've got direct bus options with to Plzen CAN. If you are later than that you'll have to get into town and take a train from the Main Train Station. In that case use the airport express to get to the station. Take a cab at the Plzen end.

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We did a day trip by train to Plzen (Pilsen) from Prague to go on a tour of the Urquell brewery. Very nice beer.

In respect of the language barrier, which we have only encountered in small towns in Czech Republic, our Prague hotel said to find a person in their 20s or early 30s as they will generally have learnt English at school.