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Visiting caves, castles and dancing

It looks like I'm planning a loop from Prague to koneprusy caves through Chynov Then over to blansko. I'm 67 and traveling on my own So I want it to be well-planned. If anyone has any info as to the caves, bus routes, where to stay where there's a kitchen that I could use like an Airbnb like we have here I would really appreciate it.

I'm currently trying to find a place to stay between Koneprusy caves and Chynov caves so that I can do day trips from being stationed in housing. But I'm not positive that Chynov is worth visiting. There's not much description of a tour, but that info can be pending.

And then any place around Blansko to take day trips from there. Thanks. I'm also interested in castles, and I'll be hitting them also.

I'm going around a dance weekend, October 17th and 18th, and I'm starting in Prague, October 4th. Any dancing info is also appreciate it! Thanks.

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Konopiste Castle, not too far south of Prague and doable by bus or train, is worth a long visit. It was the home of Arch Duke Francis Ferdinand. You remember, he was assassinated in Serbia and the event was considered the flash point to WWI. The inside looks as if he has just left for a deer killing and will be back for dinner and drinks.

Pernstien Castle is a ways away down toward Brno. It is more rugged castle than Konopiste set upon a steep hill. But more like most castles that have some is more like a museum with collected pieces.

There are many more it depends on where you are planning to spend time. Once you have a plan you can search for castles in the area.

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