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Hi Michael. It looks like it is affiliated with the SUNY /Empire State College. Despite years of selling college textbooks, I still find the SUNY system a bit confusing. This Wikipedia page is not bad in explaining it. The detail on Empire State is also helpful. As the article notes, it's aimed more at adult students than the classic 18-year-old freshman. These days they do a lot of teaching online.

So, I would expect that this is reputable. The accreditations look decent. The teaching is in English. It's intriguing that they offer a combo US/European degree as well as a US or a European degree. I looked at the undergraduate course catalog and these look like standard US courses. They are not arranged in classical US departments, but that is likely because they offer a limited number of degrees, but still offer a range of general ed courses. I suspect that these courses are taught American style, and not European, but that's a question I would ask.

I would suggest that you contact Empire State College and ask your questions.