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traveling with my 27 year old son

My 27 year old son has agreed to go away with us this summer. We haven't traveled with him since he was 15. He has never been to Europe and we have. What countries would you recommend for our situation? Thanks! Sara

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27? Welllllllllllllllllllllllll............................. are you guys doing everything together? Or will he have some alone time, from say 11pm to 5 am? In that case I suggest Amsterdam and Prague and a good therapist upon arrival home.

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Sorry if this sounds like a rant (and I have had a few beers), but I can't take this post seriously.
Age 18 = Summer job, get first passport and blow the money on a first trip abroad to Paris.
Late 20's / early 30's = Me and my girlfriend, after a few holidays together, decide we really should take my mother on a foreign holiday with us (she has never been abroad). Three of us go to Normandy, where she only eats things she recognises on the menu, no "funny foreign food".

I think I grew up in a totally different culture.

CONCLUSION: Ask him what he wants to do.

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There is no one country that is right for this situation. Every country is right! Hopefully, your own travel experience will make you feel the same. Rather showing him what you've already seen, it may be more fun to choose places that none of you have been. Discuss together your list of dream destinations, then start paring them down to fit that amount of travel time you have. You can get ideas with Rick's articles and videos on this web site.

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Well, you posted it under Czech Republic so I assume that's where you want to go. I don't know how much time you will have. I strongly recommend Rick Steves book; Prague & the Czech Republic. If you want to see fewer Ricknicks here are for the beginning three places which are not in his book: Karlovy Vary, nearby Loket with the castle of the same name (IMHO it is less touristy, less disneyfied Cesky Krumlov) and Brno.

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This is what i would do, not necessarily what you will or want to do.

  1. Make him do some homework on where he would "like" to go.
  2. Make a list of those "likes".
  3. Compare those "likes" to where your group wants to go and see if they match or not and go from there.

Since you've "been there - done that" more than he has, i wouldnt change that much of your planned trip. For him, everything will be "new". But if you can fit some of his "likes" in without a big hassle, then i dont see why not. But if you want to do "his" trip, then thats up to you.

happy trails.

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My suggestion is that you take him along to Austria, Germany, France, London too. Or, instead of Germany, then the cities of Budapest and Prague. How adventurous is he? Do his interests match those that you have, or does he have separate interests? I was in Europe at 27, solo, tracking down certain historical sites.

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I was in Munich at 20 years old hitting all the beer halls. Prague's another great city for young adults. And needless to say that Amsterdam, Berlin and Budapest are also hard to beat. Pick three.

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Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam are particularly well suited for 20 - something debauchery.