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Travel options for study abroad in Prague

Hello! My son will be studying abroad in Prague from the first of February to the end of May, 2022. He will want to travel on the weekends and I want to give him something for Christmas that would make it more affordable - a train pass, airline gift card, etc. It is hard to know what will give him the most opportunity for the money, since I don't know what trains / airlines travel in and out of Prague regularly. If anyone has any knowledge on this topic, I would appreciate it! Also, any helpful items to bring with him for the semester would be good information as well.
Thank you in advance!

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I wouldn't know what to do, either. Will he and his fellow students opt to hop on a flight--especially if there's a 3- or 4-day weekend, or will they head for nearer destinations best reached by train--or conceivably by bus? And I don't know that a traditional train pass covering travel over X consecutive days would be the best choice, since he will presumably be tied up with schoolwork at least 4 days a week. Badger's suggestion is a good one, I think, but your son may not use a lot of Czech trains, so I wouldn't go overboard on the amount.

You can see which airlines have direct flights to which destinations on the Wikipedia page for the Prague airport, but I don't know how many of those flights will actually be flying while your son is in Prague, or how frequently.

Honestly, I'd give him cash in some form so he can make financially rational, on-the-spot decisions.

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You don't mention what form of tech he uses .... I will assume it is already pretty good - BUT - A really good iPad mini with downloaded guidebooks and website addresses for all of the major airlines and rail networks will set him up to explore on his own. A funded Amazon account will allow him to download additional guidebooks, music etc. Perhaps a new smartphone that is dual-SIM capable so he can use e-SIMS to have both a US and a European number. Her will have a blast, but don't ask too many questions....

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Thank you all for the ideas! I wish it was more clear cut, but then it wouldn't be an adventure :)

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Correct, if it was easy it wouldn't be fun! But a ČD voucher is in my opinion the best travel gift card. If he wants to travel on the weekends he will probably do at least one domestic trip, for that the card will be useful (if he doesn't plan to, tell him that there is more to see than just Prague in the Czech Republic). He can also use the vouchers to get to Berlin and Vienna and other cities in neighbouring countries.

An airline gift card on the other hand will be problematic. In the current situation it is hard to know what airlines flies to Prague next spring. The logical choice would be a gift card on Czech airlines. But they were hit hard by the pandemic and is currently undergoing restructuring after a bankrupcy. If and in what form they will reappear is unknown.