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travel from Vienna to Prague via Cesky Krumluv

We will be finishing a cruise in Vienna on October 1 and starting another in Prague on Octber 4. Instead of taking a direct train, we'd like to spend a day or two in Cesky Krumluv. What suggestions do you all have for getting from Vienna to CK and CK to Prague by public transportation? We do not want to drive. Thanks

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For me this depends on the day/time that you want to leave CK to go to Prague. Personally I would take the train but at the weekend you can get a replacement bus service if the route has works. If you take the train look out for the fact that although they run every 90 mins or so, only a few of them are direct. Most will go from CK to Ceske Budejovice and you change there hence why some trains show a travel time of two and a half and others show 3 and a quarter. No need to reserve, just turn up at the station and get the tickets you want.

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We also used CK Shuttle, and were very pleased with their door-door service. I think the trip was three hours, in a nine-passenger van. The driver was prompt, professional, and spoke excellent English.
Safe travels!

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Another nod for CK Shuttle. We hired them in 2019. As mentioned; reliable, door to door, comfortable, affordable. Our route: Vienna>CK>Prague. We arrived at CK on a Thursday and left Saturday. On Friday morning we did a private walking tour with Karolina at Following the tour we did an additional tour of the Baroque Theater. Plenty of wonderful restaurants. We stayed at Castle View Apartments right in the heart of CK, within a 10 minute walk of the castle and sights. Cesky Krumlov was a nice break between the large cities in Central Europe. Magical experience. Enjoy your planning! Edited to add: Restaurants we enjoyed: Papa’s Living Restaurant on the Vltava River. We had lunch and dinner. Kolectiv Cafe Bistro Wine Bar for lunch.

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Don't discard the Shuttle idea because it sounds decadent or something. The distances are long, the train is usually longer, and it's a remote location. I usually disdain guides, but our 1.5 hour guide bought our rare ENGLISH Baroque Theater tour tickets from the municipal matron who professed to not understand English, French, or German.

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One caution about the shuttle. Try not to end up in the front seat in the middle, between the driver and the other front passenger. It makes the middle seat of an airplane seem spacious and comfortable.

Unfortunately, if you're the last pickup and the van is full, you may be stuck.... as I was from CK to Vienna.

I took the train from Prague to CK. As Jason described, we had a bus link for the 2nd half of the journey. Totally fine... just follow the other passengers to the spot to board the bus.