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Travel from Prague to Strasbourg or any other place in France

I will spend a week in Prague and then go to France. I was going to rent a car in Prague but it is very expensive to take a car into another country, so I looked for a train from Prague to Strasbourg or any other place in France but I cannot find a train that will go there. I'm wondering if I should take a bus from Prague into Germany, then rent a car in Germany for one day and drop it at a border town with France, and then rent another car in France. Does anyone have any better ideas (please don't tell me to fly). Thanks for the help!

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I did not look into flying there. If there is not direct flight I would not do it. I found many options on Deutsche Bahn website. These two options seems the best:
Leave Prague at 7:12 by Deutsche Bahn bus which leaves from Main Train Station. Change in Mannheim to TGV and arrive in Strasbourg at 16:00.
Leave Prague at 10:42 by bus from Main Train Station and arrive in Strasbourg Train Station at 19:30. Bus is direct and stops at Nurnberg and Mannheim.

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I won't tell to fly but to take the train, including a night train. I myself would do this: take the EC train from Prague to Berlin, 4+ hrs. Have 2-3 hours for relaxing, loafing, dinner, etc. Then take the CNL nigh train Berlin to Offenburg. Then you can go by the S-Bahn Offenburg to Strasbourg. Of course, other day routes are available, as pointed out above, just depends how you tailor the train rides and where to transfer.

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I'm not sure why you don't want to fly but that's certainly one option. There are non-stop flights from Prague to CDG and a direct TGV train from CDG to Strasbourg.

If flying is out, then Ilja's suggestion is the best way and probably the one that I would choose.

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Thank you all so much for taking the time to help me with this. You are life savers😀 Best wishes to you and your families for a wonderful and healthy New Year. CZ

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There is a Bahn Intercity bus direct from the bus station next to Prague hl.n. to Strasbourg via Nürnberg and Mannheim. It takes just under 9 hours. With sufficient advance ticket purchase, the trip costs as little as 39€. These are modern over-the-road coaches with reserved seats, Wifi, electrical outlets, snack bars with drinks, a restroom, and an attendant.

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There are night trains from Prague to both Cologne and Zurich either one of which is a good jumping off place for France.

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"I was going to rent a car in Prague but it is very expensive to take a car into another country" - The cost is not to take it to another country, that is usually a small or no surcharge. The cost is if you want to rent it in one country and return it in another. The car hire company has to drive it back to its home country, at your expense.

If you do take the night train from Prague, get off at Offenburg and get a local train to Strasbourg from there. Otherwise you would just have to double-back on yourself. These trains are branded "City Night Line", their brochure is here: