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transportation from Prague to Salzburg

I'm traveling with my two adult children in June and needing advice on transportation from Prague to Salzburg on June 3rd. I've looked into trains; about 7 hours transit with change in Linz. Price is about $50/person, one way. Flights don't seem to be very good, with long layovers, also about 7+ hours. I thought maybe a flight from Prague to Linz, with a train to Salzburg would be better, but not! But I came across taxi services from Prague to Salzburg...while more expensive, about $338 for three people, the time involved is just over 4 hours. Maybe the extra expense is worth the time gained at our arrival? I'd love to get feedback from anyone who has made this journey. It seems that we, in the States, don't always have the best information on intercontinental transit. My daughter, who is living in Florence, often finds super reasonable flights for her adventures. Thank you for your help!

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You can check on shuttles, three I have heard of: CK Shuttle, Bean Shuttle, Jifi Shuttle. I used Jifi shuttle myself; that was from Salzburg to Cesky Krumlov but they also go to Prague. Last year shuttles ran around $80/person.

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My husband and I used CK Shuttle and loved it. We used then from Salzburg to Cesky Krumlov and then from Cesky to Prague. We opted for the private car. It's a bit more expensive, but you only have to worry about your needs to stop for breaks, as opposed to others in the shuttle. Also, both drivers offered to stop and show us areas along the way. The drivers were professional and knowledgeable of the area. I would recommend them.

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We are also looking into our options on transportation from Prague to Salzburg this summer. We are very familiar with CK Shuttle. We used them in 2013 to go from Prague to Ceske Krumlov and then from Ceske Krumlov to Vienna. They were VERY reliable and it was very nice because it was door-to-door, so it was stress-free. That being said, we are, in fact, looking into taking them from Prague to Salzburg. Our dilemma is a) is it the best transportation choice, and b) if it is the best choice, do we take a shared shuttle or, since there are three of us, go for the private car? Because it is a longer drive we are thinking paying a extra for the private car would be worth it to assure we would arrive in a timely manner, rather than taking a chance on making stops in a shared shuttle.

Like you, I'd love some feedback if anyone has taken a shuttle service from Prague to Salzburg.