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I am hoping someone can shed some light regarding discounts for trains originating in the Czech republic. I'm going to be living in Prague for 3 months for an internship so I plan to do some travelling on weekends. I looked into buying an "Inkarta" 25% discount card, and then i also read about a discount offered for Inkarta holders if you want to buy a Citystar ticket.

The reason I'm looking into the citystar ticket is because I want to make a trip to Berlin with another person but the dates are not 100%, and I won't have access to a printer while in the CZ. This means that i likely won't be able to buy the cheaper Prague-Berlin tickets even if i find out that i'll be making the trip a day before so it seems like the citystar ticket is cheaper if i have an inkarta card.

The site says(
for 2 persons with an In Karta/Rail Plus card the price is c. CZK 3342 (EUR 118.50), i.e. c. CZK 835 (EUR 29.62) per passenger per direction + reservation price for IC, EC and ICE trains.

Does this mean the citystar ticket is 118 eur total for 2 passengers? And unless i'm mistaken, discounted tickets can only be purchased online correct?

All help is appreciated.

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I don't know the features of these specific tickets, but I would guess that you can find a printer at your internship (if it is indoors and has a computer). Printer prices in the US start from about $30.

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We have lived in Prague long term ourselves and if you need to copy something, there are many places to go. Go to any Copy General and many internet cafes and other copy shops are about town where you can print things.

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For some reason, it didn't really occur to me to buy a printer. I will actually be in Prague before my internship starts, plus i feel awkward about using workplace things for 'personal' use. I guess I will have to find out how much printers cost when I get there and determine if the "savings" will be more than the cost of actually buying a printer.

Regardless, I expect I'll be able to find a printing place/internet cafe near in Atrium Flora.

Also, does Czech railways allow stopovers in Dresden? Or do i have to split up my tickets? Prague - Berlin, Berlin - Dresden, Dresden-Prague?