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Train or Drive from Vienna to Brno CZ?

We are renting a car in May to tour a bit of Austria. Pickup in Salzburg drop off in Vienna. Want to visit Brno for a couple of days and had intended to take the train to Brno and back to Vienna. My question: Is the countryside between Vienna and Brno worth visiting with the car? We can devote 3 or 4 days to this tour including time in Brno. In addition to the daily cost of the rental car there is a 45E fee plus the road Vignette to drive the car into CZ. If you think a tour of the countryside is worthwhile and warrants the additional expense could you please suggest a route with the names of towns to visit. Thank you.

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Where are you going after Brno? (Prague?) Clearly you aren't ending the trip in Vienna or you wouldn't be considering the drop-off at Brno.

A few years ago, I spent a few days driving from Brno to Prague through Moravia and southern Bohemia and up to Prague, stopping for a few nights in towns like Cesky Krumlov but with many day stops in towns like Telc. It's an easy drive. The countryside is OK, but some of the old towns are delightful. could drop the car in Vienna, take the train to Brno and rent another one and return in Prague or something.

I haven't driven Brno to Vienna - took the train through many years ago but don't remember it. I don't recall it being breathtaking scenery, though.

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I drove from Brno to Prague and stopped at 13 castles summer before last (and we didn't even stop at all of the available castles!). Beautiful wine country near the Austrian border and Brno was a wonderful town to visit! It was great having a car and stopping whenever we wanted in small towns. We stayed in Znojmo, Telc, Brno, Cesky Krumlov and then visited castles & vineyards in between. We rented car at the Brno aiportt and then we returned it to the train station in Prague but I'm sure there are rental returns in Vienna near train station and airport. Olomouc is also a sweet little town to visit.

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The route between Vienna and Brno is pretty but not breaktaking. Just take the train.

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Take a train or bus. On the way if you go by train get off in Breclav or in Mikulov if you go by bus. Scenery around there is beautiful. It's Palava Hills, wine country sometimes called Moravian Toscany. Instead of talking and talking about this beautiful region of C.R. I recommend that you read R.S. book Prague & the Czech Republic, chapter: Mikulov Wine Region. Unfortunately, there is no article about Brno in that book. Do you need information about that city?