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Train from Prague to Bratislava

Flying in and out of Prague, much cheaper. Is there a direct train that goes from Prague to Braislava?

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There is a direct EC train every 2 hours, and a direct Regiojet train every 4 hours.

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Bratislava is really just 39 miles on the other side of Vienna. But it's a world apart. We never heard a single word of German spoken there in 3 days. Pretty, high income little city.

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Hi from Wisconsin,

The most comprehensive train schedule source in my experience is I think it means German train, but it has the data, not prices, but data on trains through out Europe. For Prague (Praha) you probably would leave from the main (hlava nadrazi) station and get off at the same in Brataslava. It will give you the times, train changes if any, and how long the trip is scheduled for.

For Czech trains go to those five characters ( takes you to a pretty friendly website for trains within, arriving, and departing the Czech Republic. You can also buy your Czech tickets from the website. Very easy to use. But make sure you notify your credit card in advance of the purchase or you are likely to be turned down.

As for you really enjoy the TSA searches, restrictions on luggage, and the lines you encounter at airports, or getting out to and back from the airport? And not seeing one second of the country you are flying over? The train is such a sweet experience. Buy a sub sandwich and a drink to eat while you enjoy the scenery.

While I enjoyed Brataslava, the castle is pretty new, maybe since WWII. And the Soviet era bridge crossing the the Danube cut into the center of the old Jewish town of Brataslava pretty much eliminating it. Budapest is a much larger and much more interesting place and only a few more miles down the same train trip. And Near Brataslava is Brno in the Czech Republic. Now Brno is a pretty neat city. Same train can take you there first. Brno is a college town. So lots of young fun loving kids. North of Brno is Olomouc which has not been gentrified and served by trains too. So it has some grittiness that you might really relish.

Actually, Praha to Brno to Olomouc, and back to Praha is what I did on my most recent Czech trip before spending 10 days with my adult kids at a wedding. My wife and I did 2 full days at least in both Brno and Olomouc. Both are wonderful places most Americans have never heard of. (and don't end your sentences with a preposition)

Do bre den, Doe Bray Den, is good day or hello in Czech. Go to a key board and Dobre den is C-E-C. Ahoy is also used.

wayne iNWI

wayne iNWI