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Train from Munich to Prague - need help

Hello - started searching for train ticket from Munich to Prague and it looks like I'm better off getting it from the "czeck train" website rather than DB bahn. Am I right on this?

Thanks for your help.

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I'd actually book with DB Bahn since you are leaving from Munich.

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I thought so too, but it was giving me really weird information....trains and buses. I checked the website "the man in seat61", and it says db bahn has trouble with this route for some reason. There was a link on his website to the Czech train ticket website and I found the tickets there. Just wondering if anyone has purchased tickets from there and used them without any problems.

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I've never tried purchasing tickets from the Czech Rail website. I hope someone who has "chimes" in. However, tickets purchased from Czech Rail are significantly less expensive, even for the same route, than Bahn tickets. I don't know how this is possible, but it is true. Part of it might be a higher tax on Bahn tickets than on Czech Tickets.

Example, Bayrisch Eisenstein is a station right on the German-Czech border. On the Czech side of the same building, it's called Zelezna Ruda. German Rail sells tickets from there to Prague, on any trains, German or Czech, for 31,20€. Tickets for the same route sell for 287 Kc (about 10,48€ at today's exch rate) at the ticket counter on the Czech side of the buiiding.

In 2012, at the main station in Prague, I paid 357 Kc, 13,03€, today, for a ticket to Bad Schandau, in Saxony. German Rail sells the same ticket for 27,60€.

But ignore the full fare price of a ticket from German Rail. If you purchase a Bayern-Boehmen-Ticket from German Rail (26€, single, 4,50€ more each additional person up to 5), you can travel from Munch (anyplace in Bavaria, actually) to Pilsen. From Pilsen to Prague, a Czech Rail ticket is about 3,60€ (100 Kc).