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Three nights "at our leisure" in Prague-Suggestions Please!

Hi Everyone-
My husband and I are part of a group tour of Central Europe this spring. Our days have already been planned and many of our evenings are booked with attractions as well, but in looking through the itinerary today I realized we have three straight nights of "dinner on your own and evening at your leisure" in Prague, and I'm so excited! What are your favorite night-time activities in Prague? We would love to see some live music (classical or not), we love art and architecture, and we’re definitely up for sampling some of what we hear is the best beer in Europe. Restaurant recommendations are welcome, too.
For context, our day-time itineraries already include the Old Town Square, Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, the Golden Lane, and the Jewish Quarter. Our hotel is in the Old Town, near the Powder Tower but we're comfortable with walking or public transit if needed.
Thanks in advance!

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Prague is a serious classical music town. Between Mozart's affection for premiering works there, Prince Lobkowicz having three Beethoven Symphonies dedicated to him, and Dvořák being (practically) a hometown hero, they have a proud history of drawing good shows into town.

Take a look at the events calendar for the Rudolfinum:

You can find day-of-show tickets for small 'Mozart Festival' recitals on the side stages being hawked all over town, but if you'll be there on a night when a big act will perform in the main 'Dvořák Hall', I totally recommend snagging good seats, online, today.

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One of our favorite activities when we visited Prague was a concert in Smetana Hall in Obecni Dum, the Municipal Hall. It's a beautiful Art Nouveau building.

We also went to a black light show, which are apparently a big thing in Prague. It was ok; once was enough for us, but look into that if it's not included in your tour - you may like it.

And of course, even though everything's overpriced, if the weather is nice there's nothing better than sitting at a cafe and people-watching. Our favorite location for that was Old Town Square (our hotel was nearby).

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On the first night in any major European city, we often take a nightlife tour with one of the tour operators offering "free walking tours" during the day. They'll take you off the beaten path to restaurants, beer halls and nightclubs.

Our Prague tour had about 15 people from all over the world, and they were a quite colorful and lively group. And the beer in Prague is about as good as it gets--as low as $1.05 per pint. Then you'll know where to go every night you're in town.

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Even though your tour takes you to the Charles Bridge, definitely go back there one evening especially if the weather is nice and you'll have a beautiful sunset and moonrise. I would second both the evening walking tour or pub crawl and also sitting in a cafe on Old Town Square and people watching. I'm not sure about spring but when I was there in summer there was lots going on in the square, street theater type things that were fun to watch. I went to a concert in a church by Charles Bridge, there are several small venues around there and there's always people out hawking the performances so you can choose the type of music you want - again this was in the summer so maybe in the spring the larger concert venues would be the places to go. I'm sure your tour guide will also have suggestions for things to do on your evenings at leisure, they always do.

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Just walking around Prague at night is very nice, and as said above, some of the places like the Charles Bridge are much less crowded then. While the Old Town Square is only empty early in the morning, there's a very festive atmosphere at night, so it's fun to be there.

If you want to see a movie, films in Prague are shown in original language with Czech subtitles, so you can catch up on any English-language films you missed.

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I really enjoyed the classical music concert at the Spanish Synagogue. String quartet with a female vocalist on some numbers. Quality musicians culled from symphonies, not hacks that play in some of the other churches. Beautiful setting, and it was fun to walk around after the concert and check out exhibits in the room--old prayer shawls and other interesting artifacts.
this link has great info, but I would skip buying tickets through here if you decide to go--you can buy tickets at the box office no problem, and avoid the 3rd party fees.

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I'll be in Prague at the end of May and since I'm a big Mozart fan I'm seeing The Marriage of Figaro at the Estates Theatre, the last remaining theatre that Mozart actually conducted his operas in. A seat in a location that would cost $200 at the San Francisco Opera is around $65, and the ticket will be delivered to my hotel, which is just 2 blocks away. The website also has other musical offerings as well.

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One of Mozart's symphonies is also known as " the Prague Symphony"

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I lived in Prague for three years and the best thing to do at night is take the 22 tram up to the Strahov monastery for a beer and then take your time walking through the castle and down the stairs to Malostranska. There are barely any people in the castle at night and the views are gorgeous!

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Thanks everyone! We are loving all the suggestions!

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I totally agree with Jennifer,The Klasterini Pivovar in the Strahov monastery is one of my favourite places in the city, food is very good but the beer is outstanding, they make their own and watch out for the IPA at 6.3% it can be a real killer .The tram stop is Poholerec and the monastery just a couple of minutes walk from there and a gentle walk down hill to the castle area. really is lovely without the tourist hoards.
there are often buskers playing right beside the powder Tower and along the street Na Prikope also buskers in the Old Town Square .
If the weather is nice I like going to the beer Gardens , the one in Letna park has great views over the city I also like Rigrovy beer garden , they have a big screen TV for any sports that might be on and sometimes have live bands playing.
For beer near where you are staying is the Prague Beer Museum Pub ,run by a guy from California it has about 30 beers on tap and you can try sampler glasses , they often have fruit flavoured beers as well as a chocolate one.
this website has loads of info on Prague pubs and what to eat and drink, all the info on the places I have already mentioned are on this website.