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Things to do if spending some time in Karlovy Vary region

The Bohemian Karlovy Vary Spa triangle area looks very beautiful from photos I've seen. I like the idea of spending a significant amount of time in one region at a time , instead of just rushing around checking off sites from a list so to speak. If one were to spend, for example, one week in the area, what would be a good itinerary? Marianske (Marienbad), Loket, and the Ohre river valley look beautiful. My wife and I aren't really into spa's but I think we'd like the look of these towns, and the forests and walks and parks in the area. The mother of the family I stayed with in Nurnberg years ago was a Sudeten expellee and I'm quite aware that the ethnic, historical roots of this area were torn asunder by the expulsion of the Sudetens, but it still looks lovely, and also strategically located between the rest of Bohemia and the former East Germany, another place I'd like to visit.
It seems based on where other visitors go that its not as visited as much by North Americans as Prague, by a huge margin.

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Karlovy Vary Spa Triangle is indeed a beautiful region. Expulsion happened more than three generations ago, you would not notice now that anything like that happened. The points of the triangle are: Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne, Frantiskovy Lazne. If you have one week you can add Cheb (read khep) - nice historical town with a pretty square and centrum. Just few kilometers from Frantiskovy Lazne. About 10 kilometers from Karlovy Vary there is Loket - small picturesque town with a castle above it and a river Ohre surrounding the town on three sides. Imagine smaller Cesky Krumlov without tourists. You can do it by car but it's also doable by public transportation. For bus and train timetables look at . You can switch the website to English.