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Taxi or Public Transport from Airport to Old Town?

Hello! I'm reading a ton of articles on how the Prague taxi drivers scam tourists. Is there a sure fire way of knowing if you're getting a reputable taxi driver? Or is it easy enough to take public transportation from Prague airport to Old Town?

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This October we simply ordered a couple of Ubers to take us to our hotel. The price was quoted beforehand and we decided it was acceptable (£14 between 4 people).

We used Uber throughout our time in Prague when we weren't walking or taking the metro. Never took a taxi but I wouldn't have had any reservation in taking one if Uber's price surging was too much. The tales of scams and petty crime always seem out of kilter with the reality so I don't pay too much heed to the plethora of reports.

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this is a highly reliable private shuttle company that I have used many times, run by an American and his Czech wife they have a great reputation.
If you want to use public transport let us know exactly where you are staying. as there are several options available.
now I know the public transport system well and use it a lot but it will be a first time for you .depending on where you are staying how much luggage you may have and how many folk in your party my advice will vary depending on the reply you give.

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Public transport is cheap, reliable and easy. If I don't have heavy luggage I use it. Taxi drivers sometimes try to scam tourists but not at the airport. There is a booth in the hallway where you pay fixed price for taxi, I think is about 600 czk which is reasonable. Taxis are lined up at the exit.

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Airport Taxi to the Old Town is currently in the CZK600-650 range. All I would add to this is to note that if you are arriving after 2130 then consider booking a collection in advance as public transport becomes limited and you might have to wait for an airport taxi. That said, if you elect to take a taxi then they'll have a dispatcher. You tell the dispatcher where you want to go so give that person the exact name and address and they'll tell you exactly how much it will cost. As Unclegus said, lots of public and semi-public options. With any private transfers just confirm if you can pay by card and if not, what cash they accept.

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Thanks everyone. Made it here safe and sound. And a big thanks to Unclegus. I used the company you recommended and they are top notch! Smooth pick up, drop off, and a nice guy (British man) who gave me a little tour of the city before dropping me off so I could get my bearings.

For anyone else in need, I highly recommend them. The fee was 650 czk ($28.59 USD). I'm sure there are cheaper ways, but with luggage and in the rain, and 2 weeks into my trip (I'm tired of hauling luggage), this was a nice treat.

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I'm in Prague now and paid 720czk from the airport to Wenceslas Square. A bit high, but we did get caught up in some hairy lunchtime traffic.

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My wife and I just returned from Prague (which we thoroughly enjoyed). We used Uber twice -- from the main train station to our Airbnb in the middle of Old Town and when departing to the airport. Uber worked well and was cheaper than a taxi plus no exchange of money when trying to unload bags and get bearings. To the airport at mid-morning on a weekday, the cost was just under $19 including a good tip. Our driver was notably safe and conscientious. He also had to negotiate an unexpected road closure right by our apartment .

Arrival via train was a little more eventful as I made the mistake of summoning a ride before we had reached the street, which may have caused the first driver to specify a pickup point I couldn't decipher. Re-initiating when positioned on the main street worked fine, so lesson learned. We were actually picked up by a taxi who was also serving Uber. The ride was $8 including a good tip since he jumped out in pouring rain to get our luggage. We would have readily taken Uber around town if we had gotten caught in the rain, but Prague is very walkable city that you need to enjoy from the sidewalk. Rick's and Honza's latest book on Prague is spot-on regarding Uber's convenience and cost.

Note: the prices I'm quoting can vary depending on demand and time-of-day; you can always preview by initiating a pickup a few days before at the desired time.

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For about $25 you can have a driver waiting for you when you exit baggage claim. I don't remember the name of the company I used, but I did a google search for private car service from PRG. You prepay. Before you arrive at the hotel, let the driver know you want to add the tip to the card (if you want to leave a tip), or if you have Czech Crowns for the tip, that's even better.