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Sumava Nat park

we are an older couple and like easy walks ,car touring etc
where is a good base for 3 days in and around the park?


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If you are more into the walking part then try the area called Srní. We stay at the Hotel Srní and you basically walk the land-skiing trails. Or if it's walking/boating then try Lipno. Both are good bases to explore the National Park.

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Sumava is the largest National Park in the Czech Republic. There are many good bases just randomly: Modrava, Kvilda, Zelezna Ruda, Kasperske Hory, Stozec, Horni Plana, etc. These are the most known. If you want it quieter find one on your own.

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There are lots of walking/hiking trails in the Sumava. The already suggested towns/villages would all make good bases. IMO of all those suggested, Kasperske Hory would probably make the best base. It has a very attractive cobbled centre with plenty of eateries to chose from. I love Srni, Kvilda & Prasily. All have plenty of walking trails to chose from. One of my favourites walks is from Prasily to the lookout tower at Polednik.
You might find the walk suggestions on the following links useful.