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Suggestions for a Birthday Treat in Prague

Hello All,

My wife and I will land in Prague on her birthday, which will be a milestone. Knowing that we will be thoroughly jet-lagged, can someone suggest a special celebration/treat (beyond the usual dinner/dessert) that a tired couple might enjoy? We are staying in the eastern side of Old Town, and are arriving in late April mid-week. We are a "mature" couple who have never been to Prague before. We'll also probably shy away from drinking alcohol/spirits on the first night. Please let me know if I can provide any more useful info.

Thank you.


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How about a beer spa, night relaxing way to help fight of jet lag and you will be able to indulge in a beer whilst doing so, yes alcohol but a beer should be fine. Just search beer Spa Prague and you should fine somewhere near where you are and really see if it is the type of thing you may want to try.

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Are you interested in live theatre or opera? The National Theatre is beautiful and they do have several opera performances in April. Buying tickets online is easy and it would make for a memorable evening. If that is not your cup of tea, there are various concerts and Black Light Theatre shows throughout the city. Have a great trip!

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I would vote for beer spa. Nothing is worse for a tired couple after transatlantic flight than trying to stay awake for opera or theater.,

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How about a guided tour? We often have people booking guided tours as a birthday or an anniversary treat. Our Prague Castle at Night tour is particularly popular for that. We even had someone propose marriage at the end of the tour three weeks ago (to his fiancée, not the guide, and thankfully she said yes).

If you really want to wake yourself up, you could go for a sauna on of the barges parked along the banks of the Vltava and then jump into the river for a cool down. It's unusual, relaxing and fun, and it will give you a burst of energy after a long flight.

The National Theatre is always great for a special night out. Its opulence is hard to beat, although as one of the previous contributors pointed out, there is a danger of getting too comfortable and falling asleep.

Another option might be the Kino Lucerna. It's Prague's oldest and most beautiful cinema (dating from 1909.) It's a movie theatre with a real wow factor.

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Thank you to all for the suggestions - I will research each of them.