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Suggested Prague Itinerary in the COVID-19 Lockdown Period

Day 1
Arrive in Prague - difficult I know as all the borders are closed but just in case you do get here enjoy the walk as there are no taxis and nobody wants to take a chance on public transport.

Fashion - Wear the most outlandish and crazy clothes because 1) there's nobody on the streets to notice and even if there were 2) because you have to wear a mask all the time nobody will recognise you anyway.

Eating and Drinking - Try one of our great restaurants or bars, at least one that is serving through the door or who have removed a window in order to provide takeaway services.

Nightlife - Bring a battery powered radio, tune into Evropa2 and dance around it.

Top Attractions - You'll appreciate the myriad colours and shapes of the boxes and bottles in our pharmacies which are still open (2m distance, maximum 2 people in the shop).

Day Trips - Spend the day at one of our supermarkets and meet the locals, obviously maintaining a 2 metre gap between you and them. Often you'll get a free pair of plastic gloves as a memory of your visit.

Special Deals for Senior Citizens - Between 8am and 10am you have the supermarkets to yourselves so treat yourself to a private tour.

Security - The Prague city police will be happy to accompany you as you explore the city just to give you a sense of security and to fine you if your journey is considered non-essential.

Get closer to your family - Because you can't meet anybody else!

Day 2

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Thanks for the helpful tips Jason. If I get to the Castle and line up early will I have to stand in very long for tickets? Weeks? Months?

And I heard the Charles Bridge could normally be crowded. I want some good selfies with the City Police. Will I have it all to myself if I get there early?

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getting a bit like that here Jason. You could arrange a pub crawl though, put a beer in each room of your house and have a beer in each one. But I know you have a nice big garden you can enjoy, I got to share my small garden with 5 other families.

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For Prague Castle currently there is no queue because it's closed. Charles Bridge, yep, completely deserted for much of the day. City Police Selfie? mmmh I try not to engage with these guys, no sense of humour and I try to maintain at least 500 metres separation even when there's no virus.

Unclegus, what, no balcony? You wait until they tell you to wear a mask outside the house. Look on YouTube to find how to make them out of an old T-Shirt. Great fun. Or used underwear, no Covid could ever get through that.

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Jason I have what is called French Balcony ,but I am on the ground floor,it is big enough to put a couple of pot plants on and not very big ones at that.