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Student Agency to CK - how far in advance?

I've heard good things about the Student Agency bus to Cesky Krumlov from Prague. My husband and I are planning to stay one night the first week of June. When I search the schedule on the website, though, it says "Connection not found. Probably, connections are not selling yet." That "probably" is what concerns me slightly. Is there any chance that means it's sold out? Do these buses sell out? Does anyone have experience with this who can advise about how far in advance one can purchase tickets? Thanks!

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I believe you can only book tickets about 5-6 weeks ahead, so you probably can't book for June until at least mid-late April.

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I think it's too early to buy a ticket for June. I have a timetable 4 years old and they already had 8 buses a day going from Prague to C.K. I assume it will be more by now. Nevertheless demand is high so they could be sold out but not this much ahead. Check: or you can send them email: [email protected]

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Thanks for the replies! I think you're probably right, it's just too soon. I was able to pull up tickets for April, so I'll just keep an eye on it in the next couple months.

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I think it was whether 8 or 12 weeks ahead when we booked in 2010. There is an easy way to find out.
Just enter a date on their schedule for the weekday you want 1 month in advance, and then keep pushing this a week until it won't let you reserve seats. And then you know when it will come on-line. It will also show you a schedule that will likely be the same for when you need it.
In 2010, and I believe I advised someone in 2012 about this so it was the same then, there were buses every two hours daily (don't recall if Sat-Sun were different). The cost is ridiculously cheap -it was about 150ck then, which was about 8 bucks. And for this, you also get to reserve your seat. Buses are new, trip is scheduled for 2'55". Your e-mail reply is your ticket with a number code, the hostess has a check-in sheet with the numbers. Back then the only odd thing was I had to do 4 separate transactions as tickets were not sold round-trip, nor could I do two at once. That was supposed to be fixed. An inconvenience as I had to push them through 4 times while on the phone with my credit card company to get it through their security.
Please note that the bus terminal in Prague for this trip is not the usual Florenc terminal. It is at the southern of the two entrances to the Andel Metro station, which is on the west side of the Vltava just above the Staropramen Brewery, can be walked to, trammed-to or use the Metro depending on where you are coming from.