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Student Agency Bus & Bean Shuttle questions

To those of you who have used the Student Agency Bus or Bean Shuttle, how far in advance did you book seats? We plan to use Student Agency to travel from Prague to Cesky Krumlov on June 30th. Using Bean Shuttle from CK to Hallstatt Austria.

Do I need to purchase tickets now? Do I print tickets at home and carry them with me? Is there a charge for luggage? Neither of their websites seem to address these questions.

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I purchased my Student Agency bus ticket from CK to Prague onboard the bus (on a date in October). My colleague here booked from Prague airport to CK on the Student Agency web site, and later was able to transfer his ticket to an earlier bus than originally scheduled. There was no charge for luggage, you just put it the baggage hold under the bus.

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We purchased our tix for Prague to Cesky Krumlov the day before travel in August a couple years ago. Back then the departure from Prague was not the main station, but rather a station in the suburbs that was at a subway station. So heads up on that. There was no charge for the luggage. Have a great trip.

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I have only ever used the Student Agency bus to got to Karlovy Vary a few times and always booked inline about a week before hand.
The Bus for Ceske Krumlov leaves from Na Knížecí bus station which is a small bus station next to Andel Metro, very easy to reach from any where in Prague. If you let me know where you are staying I can give you specific instructions on how to get there.

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Consider using I found them surfing the net and took a chance. It worked out very well for us - professionally run and they will respond to individual questions via e-mail.