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Stay in C Krumlov or C Budejovice?

After Prague I planned to stayed in C Krumlov for a few days and bike to other towns. When I read here that C Krumlov was so touristy I realized C Budejovice is more central. We could stay there and bike to C Krumlov one day, to Trebon another day, and around C Budejovice the third day. But now I see people saying daytime is worst in C Krumlov and morning/evening isn't bad. So I just want to make sure I'm making the right choice. Thoughts about which place might be better? And any stay recommendations? Hotel Budweis looks interesting, or Grand Hotel Zvon in C Budejovice (or its various surrounding apartments).

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What time of year will this be? Peak tourism season? There's not really a wrong choice, although sleeping in C Krumlov is usually our first choice. Certainly C Budejovice is more central for your biking plan. (When you get to Trebon, you may find it's main square quite similar, as several in Czech Republic seem to be, at least in photos.)

Must it be biking both directions or will you take a bus or train in one direction? That might be a way to still get into C Krumlov relatively early or to stay later, if you're not sleeping there.

Ae you expecting to spend about 2 hours on a bike to cover 25 km each way? I'm not a cyclist and of course you'll best know your cycling preferences.

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If cycling is important to you, then I would stay in Budejovice. It's more central, and there are better transport options in case you decide to put the bike on the train or on the bus, rather than pedal home of an evening. Also, mass tourism has destroyed Cesky Krumlov, so you're better off just avoiding it. Trebon is really lovely though. Good choice!